Monday, February 2, 2009

Madix James was born on 1-31-09 at 3:45am. He weighed 6lbs 1oz. and was 19inches long. He is so amazing! he sleeps all night long. ha ha not even kiddin. i have to wake him up.
Jon just loves him like crazy! its very cute! Ukiah is adjusting. I think she will like him better a little later. and i am doing great, i haven't felt this good for a long time!
well thats all for now.

Friday, January 30, 2009

january 30th 2009

just wanted to let you all know i am having the baby sometime today. i am at home taking a nap and then we will be going to the hospital!
we will put pictures on here later!

lots of love,

Monday, October 27, 2008


so this week hasn't been very much fun at all most of it has been in bed. or at the doctors, and it will stay like this until either Madix is born or for another 6 weeks. :D
i have started feeling a little better. i haven't had contraction for about 3 or 4 days now, thats been really nice. however, Madix is still moving down low so i'm not too sure were going to make it 6 more weeks. i guess well find out with time. eh?
Christmas is this week and i'm so bumed were not going to make it to Nampa, but from what i have been told most every one is coming here. YAY :D i just wish we could spend more time with you all!

Jonathan Ray

Things have been good . been working at Convergys. We are still in the prosess of moving it seems like a never ending job lol. Ukiah is great she is so cute and is talking so much right now. Kim is doing good she is trying to help out so much and i appreciate it i am excited to see every one this christmas.

Ukiah Jane

Ukiah has spent alot of time with Ila and she loves it there! Ila has helped me out so much with ukiah while i am on bed rest and jon is at work! THANK YOU ILA!!!!
Ukiah has met Santa, she doesnt want by him at all, but she thinks he is very nice. hahaha she is very silly and very excited for Christmas!